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The re-development of Queens Wharf on the Waitamata harbour in Auckland CBD Queens Wharf sits on the edge of the Waitamata harbour with commanding views out to the harbour bridge, Devonport and the Ports of Auckland.

If looking back from the wharf there’s a vast cityscape of apartment and high rise commercial buildings which makes up the central Auckland CBD.

Apparently, the materials used will be glass, steel and a transparent PVC.

It was named for Queen Victoria and served the city for more than 50 years.

A woman died and three people were hurt in a fire in St. The fire department initially reported it was a duplex.

Paul Fire Department, the fire occurred at an apartment building on the 1030 block of Arkwright Street.

Webcam 3 is located next door to Copacabana Palace hotel.

You can see the beach infront of Copacabana Palace hotel and in the north the sugar loaf.

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