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Here are a few observations about what the writers/producers of the show think: raunchy = automatically funny, saying raunchy jokes louder make them automatically funny, delivering cue-card punchlines in an 80's fashion is still funny. I wish I could give it more because of the few times when it has some comedy that is appealing. I wish they would get off the TV to make room for something better. I think that this show completely proves that good leads really can carry a show and capture an audience.I hear the "punchlines" and the laugh track and constantly find myself saying "was that supposed to be the punchline? I like every brand of humor and am extremely easy to please in the humor department, and this show is completely unfunny. It's just a sweet concept, literally, with the cupcakes and all, and it's a warm show, made with some love and fun. At the moment it's the only comedy show I watch. Maybe not as good a some shows, like modern family and community or 30 rock.Yes, the constant punchlines did annoy me even then but at least there was enough real story to let that go. Beth Behrs, who I really haven't seen in anything else, portrays the part of the naive rich girl who just landed in the gutter just fine and endearing.I think I maybe caught of few episodes of the second season because there was something better on in that time slot on another channel. It's a joy to see Jennifer Coolidge working again, she's just wonderful in portraying "over the top" characters, sometimes I almost feel ashamed that a movie and TV fanatic like me likes her, but hey, everybody has their guilty pleasures. When I don't want to think and just want to watch something fun. It sat and watch over fifty 20 minute episodes of it and it unfortunately only got worse.

I Lou dis show Though it is quite funny it does not succeed past two and a half men right after this show.The raunchiness has gotten completely out of control as well and I am seriously sick of the poor people stereotypes. *Audience goes crazy in the background* Plot, Plot, SEX, plot.The character of Max is always like "I'm poor so I'm a goo guzzling back alley whore". It's quite degrading to women and it's a very bad stereotype that they seemed to pull out of nowhere. I'd rather stare at a blank wall for 30 minutes. It is very annoying and proves why this will never be a popular show.after Ashton kutcher take over Charlie harper the two and a half men becomes a terrible show. so after that i got my hands on to this show and this is really really amazing... This is third show I've ever had to give up on, the other two being Glee (don't judge) and The Wire (I tried, seriously) but this one I really tried to get into, no matter how often it failed to grip me.those two girls positive and go getter attitude is excellent.... Overall, I think it had potential, and it had good, original plot ideas, but these two things were never taken to the best of their advantage.

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The canned laughter punctuates the mindless rhythm of the inane witterings as it drones on and on and on and on and on... There's room for a recurring plot here, with the cupcake business. Why don't we see where they're going with it, aside from the cash display before the end credits? Oh, wait, that's not going to happen with such one dimensional characters. Aside from the hugely annoying "whoop" she gets when she appears - no, wait, I'm not parking that one. I've watched a few episodes and keep thinking it might get better because some people rate it highly and it's touted as good on some media. I thought it was horribly unfunny at first and wanted to give it a chance before reviewing.

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