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audi Arabia is a country whose sole constitution is based on the Quran - the religious text of Islam.If people in SA find themselves in a legal pickle, it's down to each individual judge to interpret the laws as there's no official written rules.It's thought cinemas are breading grounds for men and women to mingle unsupervised, This could lead to immoral actions outside the realm of marriage.Many SAs take the short trip to Bahrain to watch movies.And what do you think they'd do if you had a glass of champagne on a flight into the country?uk have looked into the dos and do nots in Saudi Arabia - and it's a comprehensive list.Banned: Worshipping any religion other than Islam Believing in any other religion than Islam is frowned upon by Saudi Arabian officials.In fact, it's against the law for non-Muslims to worship in public - and you won't find a Church in the whole country.

This is not to say that I’m perfect at the language by any means – I make mistakes all the time which I’m happy to admit – but this language has become so part of me now that it’s core to my identity as a person.

I like to think of myself as a bilingual kid who started late.

I’ll share my story of how and why I came to learn Arabic in the near future but for now I wanted to recommend a few excellent books to people who are wanting to learn Arabic.

Penalties for the possession of, or trade in alcohol are severe, and both result in prison sentences.

Note: We’ve put together a new resource for learning Arabic which you might find useful. *** You’ll hear me talk about the Arabic language a lot on this site.

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Even illustrations of scantily dressed people, especially women, is banned. Customs officials can and will scan your phone for any pictures they deem to be inappropriate and then confiscate your equipment.

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