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A simple and optimistoc man I am seeking single people to email in a regular basis. I am a funny person and love and appreciate good sense of humour. graduate Occupation: teaching Languages: English Hobbies: shopping, cooking, travelling, reading, art, swimming, tennis Signal is: simply the best Greetings: I am looking for interracial match for real with a sincere person. Friday, January 20, 2017 at Name, age, sex: Akana Larmie, 18, male Address: Parker Paint, Wood Camp, Paynesville, LIBERIA Email: akanalarmie=AT=Education: high school student Languages: Englsh Hobbies: general Signal is: nice place to find good people to make friend Greetings: Looking for people to make friend from Europe, most especially Switzerland, other part of the world Friday, January 20, 2017 at Name, age, sex: طارق لعناني 38 دكر Address: مكتب بريد احمد سالم ولاية سكيكدة 21029 الجزاءر Education: مصلح اجتماعي Languages: االعربية Hobbies: المراسلة والتعارف ومساعدة الاصدقاء والامر بالمعروف والنهي عن المنكر ونشر السلم والخير والود Greetings: من ولي من اولياء الله المخفيين حداري من غضب الله عليكم لا اله الا الله هي سر هدا الوجود عيسى المسيح عليه السلام عبد الله ومثله كاءادم خلقه من تراب لا لسفك الدماء لا لل&# 1581; 585;وب لا للتدمير لا للكراهية لا اله لا الله محمد رسول الله عيسى عبد الله ولم يمت والعد لنزوله لكسر الصليب قريب Friday, January 20, 2017 at Name, age, sex: tariq lienani 38 dakr Address: maktab bryd 'ahmad salim wilayat sakiukdat 21029 aljaza'ir Education: maslah aijtimaei Languages: aalerby Hobbies: almurasilat walttaearuf wamusaeadat al'asdiqa' wal'amr bialmaeruf walnnahi ean almunkar wanashr alssilm walkhayr walwid Greetings: min wali mmin 'awlia' alllah almukhfiin hadari min ghadib alllah ealaykum la alh 'illa alllah hi sirr haddana alwujud eisaa almasih ealayh alssalam eabd alllah wamithlah ka'adim khalaqah min turab la lisifk alddima' la lilaha?

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