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Our client was able to organize their cups and some previously wasted back bar space.

Their source of cups changed frequently, but their cup dispensers work with cups from any manufacturer.

The mixing of the beans took to long leaving long lines of hungry customers.

Buildit developed a special mixing blade which significantly decreased the mixing time and also produced a much more consistent product.

After I left Raja Ampat I went back to the town of Sorong to see where I would head next.

Over the past 35 years, we have designed and produced hundreds of different types of small wares and food service equipment.

When your stores use a huge amount of beans, you need the most efficient method possible to mix them to the proper consistentency for your signature burritos and other Mexican food.

Existing methods of blending left the product inconsistent and lumpy.

To date, this design has scooped over 1,000,000,000 scoops of ice cream and we still receive fan letters from the people who use them! A Major distributor of housewares products wanted to capitalize on the increasing market for authentic Mexican food prepared at home.

Already having many tortilla related accessory items, they could not find a tortilla press that actually produced consistent tortillas and was easy to use.

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Since few foriengers hang around Sorong – most people spend an evening at most before heading out to Raja Ampat – you get a decent bit of attention when you go for a stroll.

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