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They didn't get to the Coachella Valley until the 1890s when the U. Department of Agriculture brought over 68 shoots from date palms in Egypt and Algeria and didn't become prolific until 1929 when the first railroad car of dates left California for the East Coast.Since then, they've pretty much cornered the commercial date market..

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Each male date palm gets 50 acres and a whole harem of 50 females, all of which he's responsible for satisfying. Not only are they delicious, putting boring flavors like chocolate and vanilla shakes to yawning shame, but they're actually good for you.

Some nutritionists claim dates are the perfect food, providing a complete nutritional profile.

""Mixed group, male and female, age range from 45 -- mid 70's.

Members have been treated for depression, anxiety, substance abuse/ dependency, complex trauma.

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