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GVAWP chairman councillor James Coleman said: "End Prostitution Now aims to engage with as many people as possible from all walks of life to make them aware of the horrific realities of prostitution and compel them to take action to help eradicate the serious harm it causes."Men's demand for sexual access to women's bodies is the ultimate cause of prostitution and all the misery it causes the world over."We believe the solution is threefold.

The End Prostitution Now strategy aims to secure legislation in Scotland which criminalises the buyers of sex, decriminalises those exploited by prostitution and provides support and services to help people involved to exit prostitution safely." The general principles of the bill have already been backed by MSPs as well as the Scottish Parliament's Justice Committee.

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A campaign to eradicate prostitution has urged the Scottish Government to ban the purchase of sex.

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As part of its scrutiny of the legislation, the committee considered whether criminalising the buying of sex should be included.

After hearing from witnesses on both sides of the argument, members concluded that the legislation was not the right vehicle for addressing the issue.

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