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I can’t find the listing for the show on the schedule! Me: (looking around seeing where the voice was coming from) Mom: (looking relieved when she saw someone to distract the girl.) Say “hi” to the nice man. now that a lot of restaurant drama is finished, I will post more about actual restaurant stuff that happened and things that will help people who are running restaurant, small businesses, or just thinking about doing it. hahaha~ As an employer, it is important that employees apologize when they make a mistake.

I look a couple days later on tv again, I look online, but nothing! Adam said something mean to an internet hater so Travel Channel gets spooked and pulled the show. =* At least I don’t need to worry about seeing myself on tv. Let me know what you guys want, feel free to email me at [email protected] just stop by the restaurant and chat me up. I’m not talking about apologizing to guests (although it is good practice to do even when they are not completely at fault).

It was pretty nice, although several calls from the restaurants interrupted things a bit.

Couple of days later, I was bragging about my mini vacation to my employees. It was pretty f..” Lil’ Cashier Girl: (interrupting) “That’s SAD!!!

Sandoval made the request as chairman of the state Homeland Security Commission, which met today by teleconference.

“It was too busy.” “Jen should have done XYZ.” “The customers were just grouchy and mean.” Or just a blank empty stare…

Only when people accept responsibility for their actions, they are empowered to change the outcome and make changes in their behavior.

When people don’t take responsibility, they are forever victims and just passive passengers in life.

I was over at the restaurant today making sure everything was alright and working on reworking the menu when a really cute girl walks in…

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