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This person just replied "well they will report it and have it removed".Hint 3 - Explaining to people in a IM or chat the trouble you had finding a pair of panties to wear under your clothing that no one can even see is silly and only a man would go into such details.There are many people around the world who are either not aware of this unique industry or have several misbeliefs about the same.However, owing to a larger than life depiction in popular culture, it intrigues a vast majority of people who’ve never worked as, or known, a seafarer.Hint 1 - Asking for sex in the first day of meeting and chatting throws off the red flags.Hint 2 - TALKING CAPS AND ABUSIVE PROFANE LANGUAGE screams "I have a weenor".Seafarers Earn Loads of Money: Probably the most common aspect of a conversation with a misinformed individual, everybody seems to think that we’re cash cows that get paid a huge amount of money. However, it is similar to the pay that individuals get after getting themselves a decent MBA/Masters and landing a respectable job (Of course, after certain years down the line in their careers).It is correct that the initial pay is far better than what one would get at shore, but the gap closes up as time goes by.

Time away from loved ones doesn’t weaken bonds but strengthens them instead.One person that kept IMing me so I add him(has to be) to my list as Idid not want to be rude and turn down their request.She / he buy things on market place,never read the notecards and just loose control then send me a link where they reviewed the product just all in caps with F this and F that ,yousuck,it sucks blah blah.So we at Marine Insight have decided to bust all those myths once for all; so that the next time someone asks a clichéd question, you can just point them to this article!Here are some of the most popular myths associated with the merchant navy: 1.

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