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The best way to avoid issues like these is to always try and register a domain name before registering any other extension.Of course if an un-trademarkable domain such as (which would be worth a lot of money) happened to be available, then that’s a different story.If you were in a room with hundreds of people and asked those people to visit your web site at something.net, I guarantee you that the majority of the people will first go to

Regardless of what situation you may be in, think carefully before opening a can of worms.We’ve all done it, where we send an email to someone and it gets bounced back as non-deliverable. So to test whether or not the person who owns a domain name has a catchall email account, simply send an email to some obscure user at their domain name (example: [email protected]) and see if it bounces back.If you don’t get a bounced email stating that the email was rejected, then that means they do have a catchall email account.Registering a domain name is a very important step and not one to be taken lightly.Choosing the right domain name for yourself personally or for business, can make the difference between having a successful web presence or not.

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For example the person who registers the domain name “4health.com” should have also registered “forhealth.com” and perhaps even “fourhealth.com”.

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