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To save both worlds, they must retrieve their spaceship and return home. Friedman at the UFO convention, who realizes that the teenagers are what she has been searching for and joins the group. Donald Harlan (Garry Marshall) tells them that the spaceship was taken to the secret California government base Witch Mountain.

Harlan and his men distract the soldiers with Bruno's taxi while the others escape to Witch Mountain on Harlan's RV.

Seth and Sara's parents are scientists who sought a way to save their planet without invasion but were arrested before completing their experiment.

The teenagers came to retrieve the successful results, but the alien government sent the assassin to stop them.

Seth's ability to vary his molecular density helps the group to escape.

When they arrive at an abandoned house, Bruno follows them out of concern and curiosity.

The teenagers retrieve the device they were looking for within a hidden underground laboratory, but the three are attacked by a "Siphon" (Tom Woodruff, Jr.), a powerful armored alien assassin.

Kim Richards and Ike Eisenmann were just telling us how it was in the old days… And then they just talked about how we should enjoy this part of our lives and how it’s a really special project. He hasn’t been affected by any of that stereotypical Hollywood stuff.

AL: Yeah, it’s amazing to be part of a timeless feature. He is such a genuine guy and so kind and hilarious too! He really just took me under his wing and became like an older brother.

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Anna Sophia Robb: One of my favorite scenes to shoot was probably when we filmed in the convention center. Alexander Ludwig: My favorite scenes were the ones that Anna Sophia wasn’t in.

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