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You are required to say yes, and you may exchange rings if you would like to. After the witnesses and registrar have signed the final paperwork you are married! We do not understand why needing to get married quickly or with unusual paperwork means the wedding itself has to be dull and unromantic.

So we only offer romantic locations such as the Old Merchants Court.

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You are required to stay one night on the island (although once you have seen Aeroe you may want to stay longer); you must arrive by 1600 the day before your wedding (or 1200 Friday for a Saturday wedding) . We also now accept Visa and Mastercard in the office for payment the day before the wedding if you wish. Yes, if you prefer, you can pay in cash, in euros or Danish kroner. It does not usually vary much but please check online or in the newspaper for the latest rate.

Please be ready to pay when you meet Louise, Yuki or Anna the day before the wedding. Yes; even though Denmark still has the Danish kroner, most places accept euro notes (although the exchange rate may not be very good). Be aware that foreign credit cards are not that widely accepted in Denmark. But please note we do all our pricing and invoicing in euros. No, it is not necessary as we provide witnesses as part of our service.

Serious man to spend the rest of my life with My height is.I am a confident girl who knows what she wants from life.I love life and try to enjoy all the benefits of it.If you would like us to help you get married in Denmark, on our beautiful island of Aeroe, then Is the marriage valid worldwide? However, we strongly believe that international couples really ought to have their marriage certificate “apostilled”.An apostille is a validation by the Danish Foreign Ministry in accordance with the 1961 Hague Apostille Convention which gives an extra level of international acceptability. Because the Danes are sensible people and see no reason why two consenting adults should have to fight a legal and bureaucratic battle to get married.

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Marriage in Denmark is probably the quickest and easiest in the EU.

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