Am i dating an emotionally unavailable man

With the emotionally unavailable woman, you're exchanging normal female roles for atypical, far superior partnerships.The Millennial male should know what he's getting out of a relationship with the Millennial female and understand the lengthy list of benefits that will come out of these fruitful, yet very relationships.

We're more interested in our latest project than we are in cuddling.

We may not be apt to PDA or overly romantic love notes, and we may not be the typical female constantly stereotyped in the media, but we are immensely valuable.

We are an upgraded version of the soft and fragile characters we are often so wrongly assigned.

In fact, this generation of women is the finest we have ever seen.

We've traded our recipe books for i Phones full of networking contacts; we’ve traded early motherhood for corporations.

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The emotionally unavailable woman prefers feelings of happiness that she has direct control over.

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