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This is the classic Ampeg stack that you see on stages worldwide.To celebrate the original SVT stack, the SVT-810AV features the same vintage fit and finish of the original Ampeg SVT stack.And they simply wouldn’t be able to respond to transient peaks as quickly as our tens.The SVT-810AV is still manufactured using the same design dating all the way back to 1969.The 1969 Summer of Love is often remembered as a time of classic music, flower power, and few inhibitions, all of which was epitomized by the 3-day Woodstock Music & Art Fair.

Nothing comes close to the sound of an SVT on top of an SVT-810.It was the last year Brian Jones contributed to a Stones album (two tracks on 1969’s last year of the Altamont Speedway Free Festival—which was headlined and organized by the Stones, and billed as “Woodstock West.” Sadly, it’s primarily remembered for its fatalities, including the infamous scuffle between a Hells Angel and a murderous meth user. Ampeg’s Bill Hughes and Roger Cox designed the “Super Vacuum Tube” amps with help from Bob Rufkahr and Dan Armstrong. The 95-pound, 2-channel, 300-watt head was originally loaded with 14 tubes, including six large, volatile 6146 power tubes.Gear-wise, 1969 was the birth of Ampeg’s SVT amplifier—the backline choice not just for bassist Bill Wyman, but also for Mick and Keith Richards during the band’s 1969 U. A year later, the 6146s were switched out for more reliable 6550s.In the world of high performance bass cabs, the Ampeg SVT-810AV stands tall and proud. it's an Ampeg SVT-810AV with classic 70's vintage cloth!It's not the type of thing you want to move around any more than you have to, but MY GOD...

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The choice of bass legends for decades, Ampeg cabinets have the perfect blend of modern capability and classic Ampeg feel.

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