Andrea corr dating brett desmond

Andrea, who tries to keep her private life out of the limelight, has said she has no plans to marry and is happy to play aunt to her 6 nieces and Desmond is the son of Dermot Desmond, who is regarded as one of Ireland's most successful entrepreneurs and ranked 5th on the Irish Rich List.

But this record came out when James Blunt was everywhere,’ she says with a faint shrug. I lost my…’ She pauses as if she can’t quite put the loss into words.'John asked to meet me afterwards,’ she says speaking fast and earnestly.'He said, “I love your voice and I’d love us to work together.But you are more able to deal with things.’ It’s not for nothing that she chose to cover Donna Summer’s song State of Independence.She has hinted in the past at having felt steered by her siblings during the glory days of the Corrs; perhaps being the youngest made it difficult for her to assert herself. 'With retrospect I’m glad Ten Feet High didn’t work because I wouldn’t have done this album; the record company would have loved me and I’d be making another album with them and I wouldn’t be having my own creative journey. And manoeuvring doesn’t work at all.’ She says she is a cat person. I don’t want to apologise if someone stands on me.’ She shakes her head and laughs.

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