Ann coulter dating jj walker

Coulter fans on Stormfront were furious about the discovery.

“I can’t believe she would do something like this,” said Post Fred57.

In exchange, Satan continues to allow her fame, fortune, and the freedom to be an unmitigated cunt without fear of true consequences.

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You take hostages to an undisclosed location, not the TV Land awards. As a part of her contract with Satan, she has to engage in zany shenanigans. Her brand of cuntiness starts at birth.) I’m leaning toward five but if it’s six, we need to drag out the time machine to see just where Ann Coulter went wrong.

Peter Johnson Conservative Correspondent A white supremacist group has decided to rescind an award to Ann Coulter after discovering she might have a thing for black men.

Walker described Obama as someone who makes you feel good, but the economy is still in bad shape and it’s not enough for African-Americans to keep supporting him simply because they like him.

Walker made it clear he also likes the president, but “he’s not a good guy for the job we have to do.” O’Reilly said to Walker that when he says things like that, he must get lots of pushback from the African-American community.

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