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I know BC's serial numbers are all screwy because of their history.

From doing a lil bit of research on the intarweb, i think it may be a '87 or '88?

and was generally very happy with what I had at that time. I have not been able to find a serial number anywhere. Rich in favor of a better guitar and was wondering how much it might be worth as a trade in. Its in nearly perfect condition because I hated playing it.

Rich's and haven't been disappointed with any of them. Assuming that you do have a US ST and this is what you are talking about I would be more then happy to take some detailed photos of the wiring of both of my basses (one is set up stock, the other with EMGs) and send them to you. Derek Derek, I am talking about my 6 string guitar. The guitar is gutted right now but I can send you a picture any way if you'ld like. Send a picture if you want to my email [email protected] love seeing some snakeskin BC Riches!

Unfortunately without any numbers I cannot give you an accurate date.

This model was was re-introduced in 2005 so it probably dates from between 20.

Hi, Just a wee bit of background about myself I am 29, and have been playing guitar/bass for 15 years . They beat every competitor in every dep., build quality, sound, variety of woods, pickups etc, support was fantastic and so on. Related News: The Best Heavy Metal Guitars - includes the B. Rich Metal Master Warlock I am currently restoring an early 80's model ST-III with the three switches that control the pick-ups. I am in need of a picture or diagram of the wiring. Also, im sure I can find other pictures of the wiring on these basses in my pic archive if I looked hard enough. It has a Humbucker and two single coil pick-ups controlled by 3 mini-switches. When I bought the guitar it had Bartolini pick-ups in it but the wiring was trashed. Ah, lol, I only play bass and without thinking just assumed that it was a bass. Derek My husband has a BC Rich guitar is electric and acoustic.

You can also try looking on the backside of the pickups. We all know that neck plates aren't always a good indicator of the origina of a guitar as they can easily be swapped. The USA one says, quite bluntly MADE IN USA on the headstock, and the NJ says "Licensed by BC RICH". just my $.02Hey it seems some people here really know there stuff about older BC Rich guitars.So, this Warlock has "NJ Series" on the headstock (which indicates to me that this is a foreign model, I think) and the neck plate has an LA address and US serial number. Not sure, but i think theres a lower quality series made in Korea and then comes the NJ series. The good ones are (im trying to remind, maybe a name is wrong)in this order, standard, custom, deluxe and supreme. The NJ's kinda suck, especially when I'm talking to Jem players, but the Platinum series REALLY sucks. So I have an 80s Warlock (serial based on what I can see is 1984)..an NJ Japanese model. (I own to Les Paul Customs, one of them a 71 as well as a few high end strats..the plus deluxe made in the late 80s as well as 1 Pre CBS so I am not comparing it to garbage guitars).As the Guitarist and singer for No Alternative I have recorded a number of albums, singles and CDs as well as extensive touring. With a number of CDs out there are also 14 bands that have recorded my songs.I can also answer questions about starting a band and recording. Organizations ASCAPPublications Can You Hear Me, Live at the Deaf Club (With KGB) SF Underground, Subterranean Records (No Alternative) Backtracks, Subterranean Records (No Alternative) Lifeline/No Alternative, Bull Dog Records (No Alternative) Johnny Got His Gun, Wingnut Records (No Alternative) SF Nights, Bachuus Archives (No Alternative)Education/Credentials B.

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