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Whether it’s making them laugh, or entertaining them, or just saying something that helps them realize that they are not alone. That certainly wasn’t the easiest to comprehend when my first marriage ended abruptly or my incredible father suddenly passed away…

however now I can celebrate those moments and see how perfectly they play into my life as it has unfolded.

I believe that meditation can heal the world, and I don’t believe that you need to be able to do it WELL for it to work.

In fact it’s better if you show up and suck at first. I believe in energy and magic and LOVE, holy crapballs do I believe in love!

My greatest passion is to help people feel good about themselves. I think the most important one for me is that you are always where you are supposed to be at any given moment.

We choose “Moon” because I always loved the idea of a middle name that was like a secret alias, one that spoke to her connectedness with all of life.

I also died of a cuteness attack every time I thought of the nickname “maggie moon” which is what we call her a lot!

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I met my husband Michael as a guest on his radio show Loveline.

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