Black dating interracial open woman

Please don't castigate me for that statement, but hear me out.

Theories abound, the most common being that black men tend to be physically stronger and more sensuously affectionate than white men, and the other being that black men are, well, better-endowed (which, according to my wife after her years of working in a nursing home, certainly appears to be true).I don’t want to get my weave wet” (insert Shanaynay voice).As if it couldn't get any worse, when a question came up about a man’s ethnic background, because the dark-skinned and balding man could arguably pass for either African or South-Asian, Richard retorted that the man was “black as sh**.”The guest’s retelling of Richard’s Thanksgiving behavior created a terrifying image of my handsome, brilliant and talented nephew, whom I deeply love.It painted an image of a black boy who, but for our familiarity and lineage, would not love me back or see beauty in me because I’m a black woman.It's not difficult to find videos of black men demeaning black women’s physical characteristics.

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