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Urged on by her friends to try something new and to let go of her dream of the "ideal black man," she accepts a blind date with an architectural landscaper named Brian, only to cut the date short upon first sight, because Brian is white.

The two meet again at a party, and Kenya hires Brian to landscape her new home.

Over time, they hit it off, but Kenya's reservations about the acceptance their romance will find among her friends and family threatens everything.

An intelligent romantic comedy that chooses to deal with issues of race and perception in a straight-forward way, from a point of view not often seen: that of a successful, upper-class black woman.

Plenty of them prefer girls with relaxers and natural hair women.

White guys like women (of all races) in their class Before college I'd date a pretty normal crowd of guys in general, white alike.

A lot of people would rather stick to what they know and more power to them.

The toes are mangled and the big toe looks like the toe nail is mangled as well.Not just a healthy size 8 or 10 but a nice slender 4 or even 2 is nice, 6 works but not nearly as well as a 4. My girlfriends and I have often joked about knowing when you've lost or gained weight.If you're getting white guys talking and flirting with you then you're on the slim side. Then you put on 10 or so and are getting "thick" and in general white guys don't want that.It's not just about staying in shape, it's about being slim with white guys.This may not sound nice but it is true, white guys like slim women.

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They may find the human need for affection is met most easily through a relationship with a pet." This devotion can sometimes signal mental or emotional issues such as depression.

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