Borderline personality disorder online dating

You're hopeful that one day it's going to be nothing but good, and never bad. However, you never entirely know where you're at with her, and it can change from minute to minute, hour to hour.

As this goes on, she also seems to meet men, become obsessed with them, and then move on.

It's like passion, excitement, and something so indescribable you can't really put it into words.What was once the perfect relationship slowly becomes a pattern of hot and cold, off and on. This time she's FINALLY had a breakthrough - she's gonna commit to this.One day things are just as good as they were in the beginning, and the next day she's "not sure if she's in love with you anymore." You will do anything to keep those periods of infatuation, which still feel like a drug. She recognizes how much she wants you, how much she needs you, and how she could never let you go. You just can't do anything right, and she knows you so well that she can identify your deepest, darkest character flaws.This is a woman who truly knows you inside and out, to your very core.She knows how to say things to make you feel terrible about yourself, and she's so manipulative that you actually buy into it.

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Imagine this: you meet a girl, and you feel an instant connection with her.

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