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That also means we get to explore more of her past through flashbacks — as well as an animation sequence, which delves into the historical context of interracial dating.

Ross, who is mixed-race like her character, says she was thrilled by the opportunity to dive into Bow’s backstory, as well as explore a complex issue thoughtfully as the show done so well in the past.

There’s good news coming on ABC’s “Black-ish”: Junior’s finally getting a girlfriend.

That’s the way it works on “Black-ish.” We do 24 episodes, so it’s a lot on our writers. So by the time you get a script and have time to read it, it is often the night before the table read. I knew they were going to do a story about Bow’s biracialness.It’s one of the reasons it’s so interesting playing this revolutionary wife on television. Kenya, early on in the season, before I even knew this [episode] was happening, asked when I filled out my college essays or work applications, did I check black or white, and I said I used to check both.The story is not told through my eyes and yet this character is a very full person. We don’t usually talk about what’s happening with our characters. I think that was a question they used to ask throughout the writers room with some of the other mixed people in the room because there are quite a few, and their answer was quite similar. I stopped by the writers’ room at one point, and they were intensely breaking this story.You see an unexpected side of Bow where you go, “Why does she have an issue with that?” And she then has to explore something and it reveals something new about her. One can even surprise oneself in how you respond to something that you think you would have no problem with, and not even know why you’re having that response.

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But I didn’t know how they were going to tell that story until I read the script. I’m always pleasantly surprised with that tightrope our show walks with these heavier issues and still making it funny without making fun of the issues.

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