Confidence building dating tips women

You can start with things as simple as standing up straight with your chest out when you walk to work, and eventually move onto the finer points like holding strong eye contact when talking to a co-worker or speaking slowly, with confidence when addressing someone.

Remember, you don’t have to go join Cross Fit or hire an expensive personal trainer or anything; a simple 30 minute jog after work each day can do your body and confidence levels wonders.

Every time you step outside the door with your hair disheveled, your fingernails overgrown, and your stubble a few days old, you’re effectively telling everyone who crosses your path that you don’t really think much of yourself at all. Now I’m not asking you to drop hundreds of dollars on fancy haircuts and pedicures.

All it takes is just 20 minutes of your time each morning to trim, shave and clip as necessary.

You don’t have to start by asking out the most attractive girl you know.

Something as simple as confronting a colleague about an issue that you’ve been skirting or taking a quick improv class can work wonders.

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So make that exercise number one in your daily confidence-building regime.

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