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In 1971 Dale Sr married his second wife Brenda Gee.Together they had a daughter named Kelly King in 1972 and a son named Ralph Dale Earnardt Jr in 1974.And here’s Emily Maynard’s intro video clip from Check out our other Bachelor File posts on Chantal O’Brien, Ashley Hebert and Shawntel Newton!For photos as well as very brief bios and Q&As with the other contestants be sure to check out our “Brad Bunch” post HERE! is a third-generation driver in a family forever connected to the sport of stock-car racing, and while his innate ability behind the wheel comes from Earnhardt DNA, his competitive driving style and business savvy are all his own.His common-sense charisma and flair for originality have helped propel him to become one of the most popular figures in sports.

Dale Earnhardt Sr died in a car wreck involving Ken Schrader’s car at the Daytona 500 in 2001.Superstition says if someone catches the bouquet at a wedding, it typically means that they're the next person to get married.If the couple ever does decide to tie the knot, they'll have a tough time topping the Earnhardts' incredible celebration.I think her odds are very good at walking home with that final rose, and if not then I think we will be seeing that beautiful face again this summer when Emily Maynard takes her own stab at romance as engagement ring: Here is a You Tube video slideshow of Emily Maynard and Ricky Hendrick photos followed by excerpts from an interview with Nashville Lifestyles’ “Single In The City” from 2009 to close things out.If you have any other info on or photos of Emily you would like to share please drop us a line at starcasmtips (at) yahoo.com! ) What trait or habit would keep you from going on a second date with someone?

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Dale Earnhardt Sr is most likely the most memorable NASCAR driver the world has ever seen.

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