Dating a man with spoiled children

We have been a source of comfort and support for each other while going through the divorce process.We totally enjoy each others company and have planned some vacation time togeher.Is it best to just stay away from the "family scene" and only spend time with her when her kids are at dads?Or, do we struggle through until the daughter can face the fact that mom has a life also?If this person means as much to her as he thinks he does, then she needs to discuss things with her teen daughter.

Unfortunately mom has a very hard time with the thought of her daughter not being totally happy at all times. we are both recently divorced from long time marriages.

I can't really comment on your situation OP with the limited amount of information you presented, except to say that everyone should be comfortable.

Perhaps it is best to limit your time with Mom to when her daughter is at her father's home.

Basically, you won't be fitting into any family units because they will be closed off to you by not only the girl but the mom, as well. So.a long term relationship (eventually marriage or significant other) there's not much chance.2) If you stay and become the girls friend (or at least try).will eventually accept you or at the very least respect your efforts. She actually invites me over, sends me text messages and even calls me sometimes.

Do you think she will want you around when she realizes how much more peaceful it is to not have you over? The key to a mommy's heart is always the kids.she sees you trying w/ the girl, them mommy may be more willing to disipline the girl when acting out or trying to divide you. We include her in mostly everything we do together, and s long as we do ther is no problem.

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