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We had even been naked in bed (not once—), but we still hadn't done the deed. But when it came to actually mushing our body parts together, something was just ... And while I can turn a cheek to some things (like a balding head or imperfect teeth), I'm not willing to settle for lackluster sex.

As she was my first ever roommate, I wanted to do my best to ensure that we had a smooth and perhaps even amicable relationship.He was a tall, wide-eyed, hairy guy from Westchester, New York, whom I'd met on Hinge. I happily drank half of the pitcher of sangria, but I was tapping my heels the whole time, anticipating the grand finale we both knew was coming. Needless to say (and much to my disappointment) the sex was lackluster. I fell asleep that night wondering if perhaps Paul was just too drunk or I was putting too much pressure on the night.We had been on six whole dates and I made him wait three whole weeks to seal the deal (an impressive feat when the sexual energy is zinging between you every time you kiss). The bill came and went, we made a make-out pitstop at his office (cough, the Chrysler Building with a view, cough) and then grabbed a cab uptown to my place. I cursed myself for building the big event up in my head, imagining that it'd be as passionate as Noah and Allie in After Paul and I had sex those two times, I was worried about the state of our budding relationship. and yeah, we were great at the shove-you-up-against-the-side-of-a-building-in-the-rain public displays of affection.I admit I'm somewhat of a Chicken Little when it comes to anticipating worst possible scenarios, but I was imagining Beth's impending expulsion, housing eviction, eventual career failure and angry children who grow up to become drug-lords or strippers—or even worse—drug-lord strippers... The circumstances were beyond inconvenient (seeing as it was very late and I had heaps of work due the next morning), but I hesitantly agreed under the naïve guise that this was a “one-time” thing.I figured Beth and I had our differences, but I would still try to do her the courtesy of compromising to accommodate both of our room needs.

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