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One of my personal favorites is the “Never enough” guy. Trying ten different forms of communication just to contact her and see if she wants falafel at your uncle’s neighbor’s ex-girlfriend’s dog-walker’s best friend’s sister’s new stand is a little much, no?He can contact you via facebook, email, text, calling, What’s App, twitter, Linked In, and more and more. Ladies, if this happens even ONCE, take is as a red flag. Let’s be honest: being a woman is fun, powerful and satisfying, but can be equally challenging and frustrating.The two go out “for coffee,” he says, and she tells him about the senior thesis she hopes to write on Beduin handicrafts. Somehow, they both wind up in his apartment, “for more coffee,” he says. Linda’s thought process: “I don’t know what to do—he’s so handsome I could just die. The apartment hasn’t been cleaned since the Israeli withdrawal from Sinai. He kicks off his sandals, deftly picks the lint out from between his toes, and they sit on his bed, 24 cinder blocks tied together with cord and covered by a mattress the thickness of a proton.

), but make sure to do so with the right type of man.Israeli men have a strong ability to sweep women off their feet, but as my dear friend Tupac once said, “Keep your head up, legs closed, and eyes open”. Just because you are not interested in going to a “tzimmer” with him this weekend in the North (highly recommended, given more normal conditions and circumstances) does not make you any less spontaneous of a girl.You can be free-spirited, wild, open and spontaneous and smart, all at once; you don’t need to prove anything to Dudi or Eli or Itzik. It is a ridiculous notion, but do they actually think that by you not asking, and them not telling, they have done no wrong by being married and flirting with you?Sure, they are good looking, charming, assertive and friendly…but what are their intentions?Ladies, we have certain advantages and disadvantages to Israeli women, and without a doubt, the worst disadvantage is our reputation.

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