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If so, using a photo like this one might be considered truth in advertising. Let her get to know you as normal before you pull out the shiny silver cowboy hat.

However, if you're a normal person who thought that using a photo of you in a weird hat would show that you're a super fun guy with an outrageous sense of humor, you're going to have a tough time getting a date. Ever hear the saying, "The eyes are the windows to the soul? Women might wonder, is this a man I want to introduce to my father?

" It turns out that women like to see a man's eyes. Hiding yours with sunglasses undercuts one of the fundamental ways you can connect with her. Like so many of these terrible profile photos, more than anything it seems to show a lack of judgment about what is appropriate. Currently 21% of American adults smoke, and the percentage usually drops a little every year.

In addition, some small percentage of sunglasses make guys look like self-centered weenies. We suppose men who submit shirtless profile photos are showing a certain confidence. We also know that women hate profile photos of shirtless men. You're most likely to be matched with someone who doesn't smoke.

Are you doing it to prove you're an awesome party guy who can get next to some pretty hot babes? Your matches will only see a sad man trying to prove how great his life is.

If you have so many wonderful women hanging around all the time, why are you on a dating site?

So, in order to impress these women they spend a great deal of money on a symbol of their wealth and use it to prove that they are worthy. Any woman who sees this photo will think you're an insecure tool, not an uber-rich man of the world. You're not enthused enough about your dates to even walk out into the sunlight and have a friend snap a flattering photo.Why would you put this photo on your dating profile?Are you doing it to show your matches what you look like?Presenting offbeat photos to exhibit your artistic taste is an all or nothing strategy, chasing away people who might make good partners but aren't quite sure what to make of you.Using the preset functions on your Apple to fake artistic talent is even sadder still.

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