Dating ninemsn au my home

When Kim decides to move back home, she starts putting a damper on Kath's new romance love and learns that her former room has just been remodeled.

Kath wants to put her home salon business on the map, and Phil helps her do so by getting her a booth at a local mall event.

Meanwhile, Craig and Kim are having trouble holding on to a friend.

Pamela Anderson makes the show's first star guest appearance during "Wine Time."After one of Kath's salon clients dies unexpectedly, Phil takes it upon himself to save one of his own customers from an untimely death by introducing him to a healthier lifestyle.

Kath is excited about planning her flamboyant wedding to Phil, but is later made insecure by Kim's remarks about how she might be too old for a big wedding.

The first episode premiered in Australia on October 12, 2008, on the Seven Network.

Meanwhile, Kim gets Craig fired from his job, forcing him to work at a less desirable cinnamon bun shop.

After another argument, Craig leaves to attempt to get his old job back, and Kim gets banned from the mall.

Instead of paying the price, she asks Craig to help her get out of the bind no matter the cost.

Kath and Phil invite the security guard from the mall and his wife to a Christmas party in an attempt to develop more "couple" friends.

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