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She likes to have fun, she likes to be around with her family, too; but when time has come for work, she's persistent, intelligent, competent and very respectful (maybe that's why so many of them are young entrepreneurs).

So obviously you will find single Christian Peruvian women who value the old Protestant work ethic.

To know Peru Christian singles better, lets have a look at a little of Peru's history.

The Inca empire (the largest in pre-Columbian Latin America) was based primarily in modern-day Peru.

After the Spanish conquered the Inca Empire, the culture became more patriarchal; and the resulting society has been described as being machista.

During the internal conflict in Peru beginning in the 1980s, some families became matriarchal, with approximately 78 percent of migrant families being headed by women.

As of 2007 Forced sterilization against indigenous and poor women has been practiced on a large scale in Peru.

That’s why a shrewd traveler will base his decision on other criteria, and the wisest will choose Lima.

Choosing your destination country based on the beauty of the women, in my opinion, is folly. And in those countries, how many women are you going to be intimate with?

Although historically somewhat equal to men, after the Spanish conquest the culture in what is now Peru became increasingly patriarchal. Women receive less pay than men, have fewer employment and political opportunities, and are at times abused without repercussion.

Contraceptive availability is not enough for the demand, and over a third of pregnancies end in abortion.

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