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Unlike polished, in-deep political writing, these guys use the lingo colloquially and casually, which only furthers listeners' education.'s focus is the character of each leader, even asking the never-gets-old question to Julie Miller of the Library of Congress, "What would it be like to go on a blind date with this person?

The 2016 go-round has brought the conversation to another forum: political podcasts.

The show tends to skew to the left, but the hosts do their best to beat back their own biases and offer honest takes on some of the most important political problems of our day -- and with the right amount of showmanship.

took it upon itself to investigate who the followers are, and how the anti-politician found his footing in the 2016 election.

The debt, despite some horrible PR, has a good reason to exist, as this episode cleverly explains.

For advanced students of government dysfunction, there's a history lesson on the debt ceiling, a policy that Congress has taken a shine to in recent years for political grandstanding.

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