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Find out why & browse the archives by clicking here. He would make comments like, “Well, I like you” and I was like, “Really?? He was very reserved and he’s still like that but he comes out of his shell more. I remember the first time, it was after our second or third date and this was when things really started to click.I had the wonderful opportunity to chat with Denny Hamlin’s girlfriend, Jordan Fish. He’s really goofy and really funny and we laugh all the time. We went back to his house to get my car so I could go home. He didn’t kiss me, he hugged me and I just thought “Oh my God.” He texted me later and was like “That hug was amazing” and so I think he felt it too.It’s been a lot, I didn’t realize how much a blog could take up your time.It’s been a nice way to document everything and I want to share it with her later. This was a blog based on one woman's thoughts, opinions and experiences involving NASCAR and Indy Car.As of February 20, 2015 this blog is no longer active. I was single when we met but I was talking to him and another guy and this other guy was so into me and would always compliment me and I just didn’t think really Denny liked me.

We have a daughter and that’s a commitment right there. We’re going to be in each other’s lives for the rest of our lives, regardless of if we get married or not. Danica Patrick Dario Franchitti David Gilliland David Ragan De Lana Harvick Denny Hamlin Elliott Sadler Greg Biffle Infineon Raceway Ingrid Vandebosch Jamie Mc Murray Jeff Burton Jeff Gordon Jimmie Johnson Joey Logano Juan Pablo Montoya Kasey Kahne Kevin Harvick Kurt Busch Kyle Busch Kyle Petty Marco Andretti Mark Martin Martin Truex Jr.That was really hard because we were still in the very beginning of our relationship and I was still getting to know him.I was thinking about leaving school because I did terrible on a test and he just tried to cheer me up.Comments you post may require a paid membership to delete. Either Denny cheats all the time and is never around or he can't cheat nearly as much as this board likes to claim if he spends time with Taylor. That was tacky and stupid - but not the first time she has been tacky and stupid - a problem for her. It's easy to say "it's a craft project" but what she is doing is ambitious. The fact remains theyre nothing but two bit, cheap hos who have no respect for themselves. She just stays with him for the life style he provides and turns a blind eye to what he is doing. If he was really serious about Jordan he would have married her by now.Either Jordan keeps him out of her snaps with Taylor which she posts all the time or Denny is rarely around. But she got paid back - no victory lane trip for her - so sad, she probably was waiting in victory lane and they had to tell her to move out for the nice married couple - that driver won! If she can get this rolling fairly well, she will be able to expand her line. And while I would never buy one KK is more than craft projects. So they bash Jordan whos off living life and enjoying it. Keep spreading your legs ladies, maybe one day a guy will find you worthy enough to admit to knowing. They would not be together now if she had not gotten pregnant. Must be killing her all the engagements and weddings and it is not her.

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