Did frankee and eamon dating

Facts -Singer -Used to date Singer Eamon Story: Eamon's ex, broke up with Eamon.

Eamon didn't take the break-up too well, so he wrote the oh-so popular Fuck you, you ho don't want you back, in which he calls her a ho, I don't want you back, burn in hell...death...don't drive your car to work, use your friends, etc.

She left after one year to concentrate on her musical career. Frankee stated she chose this album title "because it explores the full spectrum of relationships".

Well, even though their songs were intended for each other, they both became instantly popular, and now Frankee and Eamon both are big pop icons.

"It wasn't that serious." She said she decided to write the song with a friend after hearing from various people in Staten Island that Eamon wrote "F--- It (I Don't Want You Back)" about her, though she admits she's not absolutely sure the track is, in fact, about her.

"After hearing the lyrics, it sounds like it was about me, so that's why I wrote the response," she said.

When Eamon released his hit ‘Fuck It (I Don’t Want You Back)’ back in 2003, it went straight to the number one spot. Eamon claimed he had never met Frankee, and that she was just cashing in – although he did give her permission to sample his track, so everyone’s a winner. They reigned terror on the charts for seven weeks between them, proving that, despite the fact they’re both pretty ‘whack’ songs, they were still catchy as hell… Eamon is still making music, and a quick glance at his Facebook page seems to prove that he hasn’t aged a day in the past ten years. B’ she was dropped by her record label, but she doesn’t look ten years older either, proving dissing is good for the skin as well as the soul.

Eamon is every inch your typical hurt male party – the expletive-heavy tantrum, he’s throwing shit and – naturally – he’s going straight for the ‘hoe’ insults. Eamon had his moment, and just when you thought it was safe to turn the radio back on, Frankee came along with ‘F. Frankee doesn’t seem to be up to much, having failed to come out with another hit after ‘F.

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