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Or, more accurately, the kind of fever that happens in my brain at the sight of Drew Barrymore straddling Ellen Page on the floor. But, really, that’s the only rational reaction one can have when viewing the two new photoshoots featuring magazines. Drew also seems to have nice things to say about Ellen’s body, but then who wouldn’t? Drew: She was in her frickin’ bra with an open jacket and hot-pink shorts, skating around the rink with red lips and …Ellen: I was having a really good time. And, well, then there’s this: Um, wait, I’m sorry — were we talking about something? Drew: Ellen has such a beautiful body, and I personally battled with my own body image for years. From the looks of things, bonding appears to have continued unabated well after the movie wrapped: Barrymore, wearing safety-pin earrings and a nubby scarf that Page knitted for her ("I stitch and bitch," the alum explains), playfully holds hands throughout lunch with Page, who's sporting a tissue-thin Rolling Stones T-shirt, smudgy black eyeliner, and a jacket with the sleeves pushed up to display an enviable calculator watch.Gigglingly pressed thigh-to-thigh, the roller girls spend the afternoon discussing everything from their Vegas trip to the sexiness of black socks. You're just standing there doing a shoot with someone you love, celebrating this thing that you shared.

So I trained for three months with a derby trainer. So then it was like, "Oh, this is going to be great." And then it went into, "Oh, my God, I'm really crazy about this person." It just grew and grew and grew and grew and grew.

Ever wonder if Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, and Ellen De Generes have other means of income apart from their day jobs?

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' And now I'm more comfortable in clothes than ever."Page quipped, "That openness.

is an American actress, author, director, model and producer.

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