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Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams once called for him to be 'decommissioned' and Tony Blair told him to 'sit down and stop being bad'.

Read more from the man everyone has an opinion about Dan Atkinson has for many years subjected the economy to the most intense scrutiny and is renowned for never having believed any of the propaganda about the 'British miracle' and the 'end to boom and bust'.

Among a sea of overly-abbreviated crap smattered with emoticons, the How About We blog articulates dating advice in a funny, thoughtful and well-spoken way.

It’s written with its core audience of 20-something singles in mind and always offers timely content.

When I suggested that we talk on the phone, I was put off by his strange reply. While not everyone enjoys talking on the phone, someone who wants to meet you is likely to honor your request.

Not doing so is an early indicator that he is not interested in meeting your needs.

Most of all, they don’t talk about themeselves – they talk about the things their core audience can relate to. Machines, software, apps and websites all generate a TON of data, and if your company tracks it properly, this could unlock a ton of content creation and PR opportunities.The Money blog from our sister site Thisis Money is home to some of the best finance tips on the web.It seems like it’s almost common business blogging advice nowadays: When it comes to content, don’t write about yourself.Just an introduction paragraph explaining that it’s a date-night recipe recommendation could go a long way.Or, they could change up the headline and make it a weekly special (think: Thursday’s Date Night Recipe: Butternut Squash Ravioli) Nevertheless, the content that they offer is valuable to their target audience without being selfishly focused just on what they do, and that’s something we can all fall in love with.

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  1. I am looking for someone to share time together, have a few laughs, exchange experiences, goals, ...44, male, MIDHURST, West Sussex Easy going happy go lucky guy, looking for new friends, and who knows, maybe the one.