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Evolutionary social psychology has produced a wealth of discoveries, ranging from adaptations for altruism to the dark sides of social conflict.Evolutionary developmental psychology has explored the ways in which critical ontogentic events, such as father absence versus father presence, influence the subsequent development of sexual strategies.Many mechanisms evolved to solve social adaptive problems, such as when social anxiety functions to motivate behavior that prevents an individual from losing status within a group.And all adaptations can malfunction, as when social anxiety becomes paralyzing rather than functional, making clinical psychology relevant. The great struggles of life: Darwin and the emergence of evolutionary psychology.The key point is that organizing psychology around adaptive problems and evolved psychological solutions, rather than around the somewhat arbitrary sub-fields such as cognitive, social, and developmental, dissolves historically restrictive branch boundaries. Evolutionary Psychology and the Evolution of Psychology By Daniel J.Evolutionary psychology provides a metatheory for psychological science that unites these fields, and justifies why the seemingly disparate branches of psychology truly belong within the covers of introductory psychology books and within the same departments of psychology. Kruger Daniel Kruger is Research Assistant Professor at the Prevention Research Center of Michigan, in the School of Public Health at the University of Michigan.includes a special section on evolutionary theory and psychology.

Darwin’s Influence on Modern Psychological Science By David M.

Darwin provided two key theories that guide much of modern psychological research—natural selection and sexual selection.

These theories have great heuristic value, guiding psychologists to classes of adaptive problems linked with survival (e.g., threats from other species such as snakes and spiders; threats from other humans) and reproduction (e.g., mate selection, sexual rivalry, adaptations to ovulation).

And it provides a framework for examining how mismatches between ancestral and modern environments can create psychological disorders.

Personality psychology, historically refractory to evolutionary analysis, is finally beginning to discover adaptive individual differences.

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