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This is perfectly normal, and in the majority of cases, easily treated with little or no discomfort.As cataract treatment advances Eye Consultants of Texas is advancing with it. Worth cataract specialist with expertise in the very latest cataract procedures available today.Cataract surgery typically requires the use of multiple eye drops.With Dropless surgery, a single injection right after your procedure can eliminate the need for eye drops altogether.It was a short drive and we had a very nice quiet room with excellent service. It was a short drive to the Mac Gorman Performing Arts Center where we were attending the 2014 Texas Gospel Music Festival.

With this procedure, anesthesia is applied using topical eye drops instead of an injection. Labor makes a tiny precise incision, then breaks up and gently removes the cataract using ultrasound.

Because the incision is so small no stitches are required.

You don’t need to wear an eye patch because the eye is numbed topically.

No other room available other than the special needs suite. I do not have any physical disabilities so as I review this I am mindful that someone with special needs may view this. Hot tub was nice too, but since the heated pool actually felt heated I didn't really last long in the hot tub.

The room is large enough to manoeuvre a wheel chair, however if you have to move the coffee table it is heavy and would be difficult. The only problem is they did not think about drainage and the floor not sloped appropriately . There isn't any restaurants in the area to walk to, but the front desk has a variety of menues to restaurants that will deliver to the property if you don't feel like driving anywhere to eat.

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I thought the breakfast bar was excellent even though it was fairly crowded.

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