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If it is one thing I have learned through my unfortunate and unpleasant experience with infidelity, its that cheaters are either one of two things: either sloppy cheaters, or extremely secretive cheaters.

Don't get me wrong, there is also a host of various other information I learned through my ordeal- some of which I will share with you and some of which I simply cannot.

However, some of these people's gut feelings could be chalked up to nothing more than insecurity and jealousy.

For example: "I cheated on my wife six years ago and I just feel that she is going to get back at me, so how can I spy on her?

When I originally asked my then partner if he was cheating on me, he replied "no" and became quite defensive (typical of a cheater) yet he was fumbling his forefingers together and staring at the floor.

I have run into quite a bit of individuals who have told me: "I asked my partner if they were cheating, and right away I knew he or she was lying when they said no".

My ex, for example,used to always fumble his fingers and glance to the left when he was lying.

While most of the information you find is completely opinionated ( as will mine be), there is a fact or two one should know, and those are: Even if you are married, your spouse still has the right to privacy by law.

Likewise, you can violate the privacy rights of your spouse in several different ways.

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