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Aschfort, who has been happily married for more than 34 years, also revealed that Stanger’s desire to tie the knot was her main reason for leaving Florida.“When Patti left me and moved to California, she wanted more than anything to get married.What they’re really offering isn't the continuation of a love story, but proof.Proof that, while The Millionaire Matchmaker is obviously staged within an inch of its botoxed life, Stanger the “third generation matchmaker” still knows how to find love for two sad, empty souls.But now the woman who has devoted her life to helping others find love has broken things off with the man in her life.But while Stanger has been spending her summer enjoying quality time with family and friends in the Hamptons, Krause has already dipped his toe back in the dating pool!Patti Stanger had ended her relationship with David Krause, Radar can exclusively reveal that Krause is moving on from Stanger, and has been chatting up a new woman!

She makes herself so busy now it’s probably difficult,” Aschfort, a 25-year matchmaking veteran, told Radar.

He seemed to be on the show to get a little TV cred to try and advance his post-NFL sportscasting career.

And then he accidentally fell in love with a nice swimsuit model.

OK, nothing about the show is particularly romantic, but out of the two staged dates every episode, one almost inevitably ends up dating past their episode, or so the captions tell me.

In Season 7 in particular, those check-backs with the couples right before the credits roll have offered photos of the happy pair touring Tuscany or visiting each other when they live on different coasts or just generally being rich and half-beautiful together.

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