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Как всегда бывает в жизни, как только перестаешь думать только о себе, а задумываешься обо всем в целом, то становится, осмелюсь сказать, весело".Though she’s officially dating struggling actor Adam Shulman, Anne Hathaway may have a hankering for newly-single Jake Gyllenhaal.Five years ago she played Gyllenhaal’s embittered wife in Ang Lee’s Oscar-winning drama Brokeback Mountain.

А Энн рассказала о том, как ей работалось на площадке в обнаженном виде: "Конечно, есть противный момент стыдливости, когда нужно раздеваться перед незнакомыми людьми... Так что я решила - ок, буду держать все под контролем.'It was an embarrassing break-up, but what I went through is not that big a deal compared to what many people go through.’ What has she learnt in recent years about relationships? 'But you have to be very honest at every single stage with the person about how you’ve been hurt, and hopefully they will be supportive about whatever it is that you have to go through.'One of the things that I treasure about my current relationship is that…’ she trails off and pulls her fingers through her hair.She isn’t wearing any make-up, not even a lick of mascara on those Bambi eyes.Dressed in cropped 1950s-style jeans and a striped top, she brings to mind Audrey Hepburn, an actress to whom she is often compared.

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