Jimbo s dating dilemmas erogenous zones

Or, when he is lying on his stomach, try kissing a trail down his back, over his buttocks, and then gently nibbling along this fold and flicking it with your tongue before moving on to his inner thighs.

How to find it: The sacrum is the triangular bone located at the base of his spine in between his hips (think: the small of his back).

How to find it: The frenulum is the spot where the glans meets the shaft on the underside of the penis just below the head, and the concentration of nerve endings here is sometimes compared to the female equivalent of the clitoris.

The scrotal sack is the loose skin that surrounds the testicles and that’s what feels good to stimulate.

You might say that you heard stimulating his prostrate can trigger a really intense orgasm, and see if he would be down to try it later on.

If your guy isn’t comfortable with you using your fingers to gently penetrate the area, there are other ways to stimulate his prostate.

Or try sucking on an ice cube and then sucking on his nibbles.

“The contraction of his nipples due to the cold can heighten the sensations,” Michaels says.

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RELATED: 7 Tips for a Better Orgasm Drive him wild: “If you’re with a man who enjoys this, start by stroking around the aureole and gently tweaking the nipple with your fingers,” Cavanah says.

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