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While the exact age range and details of the close-in-age exemption vary state by state, most allow for all people within 3-4 years of age of each other to legally engage in consensual sexual acts.Close-in-age exemptions may completely allow close in age sexual contact, or it may only prevent prosecution (while technically keeping such contact illegal).A Minor in Possession charge related to alcohol happens when a minor ages 13-17 is caught with alcohol.Even if the minor doesn't have alcohol on them, if a breathalyzer test or even statements from others lead an officer to believe a minor has been drinking, the minor could end up with a Minor in Possession charge, which could lead to large fines, jail time or loss of driver's license.By Nathan Williams Washington is a liberal state with alcohol sold in grocery stores and cannabis stores open throughout the state.Minors will certainly see alcohol and marijuana around them in stores, maybe with friends or peers, and maybe with their family as well.If an adult sells to a minor, they can also be charged with a felony.Many, but not all, states have a close-in-age exemption to their age of consent law.

If minors are caught drinking, in possession or buying alcohol, they can face penalties ranging from a large fine to jail time.Marijuana is legal for recreational use in Washington State and most of the rules for alcohol apply to this substance as well.In fact, when weed became legal in 2012, it was the Washington State Liquor Board that took over the laws for marijuana as well.If you purchase alcohol in retail stores or at restaurants, you will be carded.Many adults will even be carded and a great deal of cash registers at grocery stores and liquor stores will even stop the cashier for your birth date (which is usually taken by scanning your ID) before the sale can be completed.

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