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Before Alison Di Laurentis disappeared, Hanna is shown as a shiny girl with a feeding disorder.

She is best friends with Alison Di Laurentis along with Spencer Hastings, Aria Montgomery and Emily Fields.

Like the other girls, Hanna and Alison had a secret between them: Alison witnessed Hanna purging with a toothbrush in order to thrill herself when she realizes she's overweight.

During the night of the last of 7th grade, while having a sleepover in Spencer's sister Melissa's barn, Alison disappeared.

Benson has received critical acclaim for her performance.

Critics have praised her comedic timing along with her dramatic scenes.

Freeform posted the video with the taunting caption, "Will the liars be able to #Save Hanna before they run out of time?

Computational costs depend on the type of calculations (research or commercial) and on the HPC facility. We don't know what went down between Hanna and the new Uber A, but it can't be good, because she's seen screaming and flailing in hospital bed in the new trailer below.Then a blonde figure is seen hanging from ropes from the ceiling.Hanna's relationship with Sean started before the first episode, After she became a popular girl and he noticed her.She had to struggle with Sean's decision to not having sex yet, and she doubts if he really like her.

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is known for killing off characters without flinching, but would showrunner I. If the new trailer is to be trusted, it looks that way...

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