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by the way, i dont mind the ranting, LOL cuz where i am now, people who play these kinda games are scarce...

they usually just play Counter Strike and Dot A My advice about these games? [link]I spent 2 days on them, and really enjoyed them!! ^^By the away, I can't access to the Anime Sim Date 2.0.

Pacdabutt Quotes So for you tumblr people out there, you might have noticed a blog called "Pacdabutt Quotes" in the Pacthesis tag. The judging period will then be 1 week long (maximum) and the winners will be announced no later than February 13th.

La Mae and I run it to give more of Amy's silliness to the fans. I, La Mae () will be doing the judging for the writing section.

LOL that's okay XDDD the game's really awesome you should try it when you have the time XDD its not as complicated as it looks, starting from Memory days, the characters have limited conversation options and they loop quite frequently too~ as for the items, i really have no idea i primarily use mozilla firefox X3i really should update it, because i'm using version, like....We also started about a week ago so don't expect a lot of posts right now. a small taste of what we have so far.“YES. NIPPLES MAKE ME GIGGLE.”"Sean: We need Austin Amy: We need pizza""Daisy: Hey Amy, I made a Tumblr blog just for your quotes Amy: If I ever become mute or lost all my fingers to type one day, then what…? As you may know, we held a contest here about 2 months ago.; A;;;"Tally ho Mofos Daisy *CLOSED* My Favourite Character Competition This contest has officially come to a close! I have finally gotten to recording the Wild Card prize, which was won by . I know there's more and I might add more later, but I just find it funny that she connects all these games. go to the flowershop guy (iforgot his name)he'll give u a knife go to Elias he'll give you a screwdriver. go to the park he'll be there~ for Raine you need the shovel and 12 roses.

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The prize was to have me sing any song and the song chosen was "Let it Go" from Frozen! v=Ll U8B0c0v DAI thought this would be a good time to mention--check out the You Tube channel that video is posted on for more Pacthesis & friends related videos.

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