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I believe that God has commanded us to be social beings. The forms of these contacts are different in nature.Some are more intimate than others but with every relation one could discern the proper form of interaction.I am often surprised at my Muslim friends who date with no intent of marriage.Why would they invest so much energy, time and emotion on someone they don’t have any intention to remain with?I believe with all in place our youth will see the beauty in Islamic values that past generations have unintentionally destroyed in the Name of God. by Yasmin Mogahed Reprinted from Suhaib As-salamu `alaykum brother, Thank you for the honest question you asked regarding dating. First, you have pointed out that you live in a society where dating is the norm.

The massive language and generational barrier has resulted in the mess we call today “dual-identity of the Muslim youth.” Parents remind their children that all the above rules can be broken when married. Ironically, the parents do NOTHING to prepare these children for marriage, and at the same time when the child is ready to be married off they make it so difficult that marriage is almost a struggle (that’s for another topic). Of course, ultimately, any couple wishes their relationship evolves to that stage, but it’s not necessary for the relationship to continue.

They believe if they allow their six-year old daughter to play with a little boy now, ten years later she will still want to play, but maybe more of a mature type play?

The mistake occurs the first time parents restrict interaction.

When we equip our Muslim youth with balanced childhood where friends are of both genders, awkwardness is absent because gender relations can take many forms like friendship (not only sex as many Islamic scholars like to emphasize).

Finally: honesty, respect and Godliness are integral parts of the value system of a healthy Muslim child.

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I’ve seen parents bow in prayer begging God to help and guide their child.

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