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We have reached a point in time where reality and satire have intersected and now you can't tell the difference. I thought they meant work around your personal life.

So, the question to the forum is: Other than direct sales, is this the first anyone has heard of the pyramid schemes going into other markets? What I am left wondering is when do you get your pay off?" Hell, there weren't even forty people in the room.Well, citigroup does something very similar with their insurance programs.We offer multiple locations to choose from in several states. Company paid training, vesting, health care options; company paid vacations People need us to get them money, its enjoyable, you have complete control where and when you work, steady growth in good times and we are in greater demand during bad times. I inquired about the job, and was told there would be a seminar that I had to go to first.At this time we are rapidly expanding in Pa, NJ and Md. My red flag went up, so I did research on the company, Metro Public Adjustment. 35% of profit from claims goes up the chain They also tell people a lot of lies at the seminar, like "anything that gets broken in a home can be an insurance claim" and people think they can go door to door looking for claims.

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In this case, how many people out there are in need of someone to fight the insurance company, and how many of these MLM participants are there? nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.

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