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Now she may have keys to his house for when they children are involved but this is strictly for safety aspect of things [ to access the children in emergencies if she has to if they are staying with him]Neither of them meddle in each others personal / private affairs - and to me that comes down to even voicing an opinion to you about your own relationship.[ but Im pretty strict on that kinda thing so it might be different for other people]They have seperate finances - and settlement is done or has started If you can check off these things - you're in with a good chance that they are ready to start another relationship Dont know about overseas, but here people must be separated here for 12 months before they can legally start divorce proceedings.So I go back to asses the individual no matter which way you look at it I am seperated.I think I have made my feelings known that I think it foolish just to discriminate on a person soley based on a legal contract status.

If he is still doing home/garden maintenance for her on a regular basis...outta there.

So it goes back to are they emotionally over it rather than just their status and YES time is a big factor.

Though - I know some people who are so over each other in one month and people who have been divorced for 6 years and still arent over it.

I feel lucky it won't go on forever but I feel sorry for the people here where a quick divorce isn't feasible and people just can't see past that.

Like common law marriage there should be a state past seperated but short of divorce where if the partiers have lived physically apart for greater than a year then they are marriage-nullified but not totally free as in divorced.

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They keep ranting every time you get together - then they are not over it].

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