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The type of potential mate you will attract will depend on even the quality of the image you put out there.

Make sure that you build strong and positive connections by using the best image possible.

For your dating photos, I want to find out what things you love to do!

We can definitely get you a studio shot, but I also love going to a spot you love to hang out at (coffee anyone? It really feels amazing to have photos of yourself, that really capture who you are.

Plus every form of social networking, including dating sites, all require an image that is intended to represent you.

In many cases, this image will actually say as much about who you are as just what you look like.

When you are going to meet someone in person, you have time to prepare and look your best.

Tinder's top expert revealed details on the science of matching in online dating and the key ways to attract a potential date.

For so many people today, dating is largely defined by swiping. If you both swipe right, signifying you like each other, you can start chatting, and experts say that is why profile pictures can be one of the most important factors in online dating.

Certainly, do not take a gamble of going without having an image at all – it is like not having online presence at all.

Even if you are concerned with creating an online profile for an online dating site, don’t you want to make the best possible first impression?

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