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I touched an emotion when I commented on her picture, and she immediately experienced the memory of that moment, and it showed in her reply!Remember, that girls are emotional creatures, and if you can engage them, emotionally...8.) Have something interesting at your house you have to show her.Talk about an internet video she has to see, a collection you have she would find interesting, some music she has to hear, an amazing type of ice cream you have, whatever.In the real world, the most natural and smooth way to begin a conversation with a stranger is to make an observation - followed by a comment. Take a minute to look at the details and do not pay attention to her looks! And It's perfectly acceptable to challenge her here, you don't need to say something nice. You can choose to express interest, by saying something complimentary, or if you don't want to show your interest just yet, just heckle her about something.If the stranger is receptive, conversation typically follows. Now, what is the first thing that pops into your mind when you look at one of her photos? She will have to wonder if you are actually interested, or just being a jerk.There is a killer, step-by-step technique for this in a podcast episode I did with the Menprovement founder, Sean Russell, which allows you to gain acceptance from her peers and isolate her from the group if you wish. In the meantime – always remember that any remotely attractive woman has had 100s of guys approach her. And fifth is inviting her into a conversation you’re already having. You can do this by saying something like, ‘Hey, you’re giving off an incredible energy, and I had to come over here and see what you’re deal was’.You need a good opener – a good opener starts a conversation with her in a way that sets you apart from the other guys who have approached her. While I have tons of exact little lines and things to say – and I’ll give you some here – keep in mind that you are an individual, and you can tailor each of these different types of openers to fit your personality and interests. Notice though, you are not complimenting the woman to seek her approval.

This will engage her in her world and gets a very high response rate.online, then you are going to be way ahead of the game.In the last 10 months, I have had sex with around 45 girls from online (Ok C, Skout, Positive Singles), probably 40 of the 45 were on the first date. 1) Send a quick original message to them that shows common interests and that you are witty, actually read their whole profile, and can use capitalization/proper grammar."There is a new bar (ice cream shop, rock climbing gym, whatever) that opened up that sounds like a lot of fun that I have been meaning to check out and you should come with me. " 3) Be upbeat but mostly logistical in your texting.You can strike out and ruin everything by being too sexual via text, and you can't hit a home run and guarantee sex. I like to not spend 0 on a first date where I don't even know if I will like the girl, so I always say 'after we have dinner, let's meet up for some drinks and _____ (shuffleboard, improv, standup, darts, pool, ice cream, whatever). 4) Find out where she lives and pick a place that is on the other side of her house and yours, meaning it makes logistical sense for her to meet at your house and head out from there.

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