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Japan Made numbering system: Letter is the month, number in the first or second position is the year.

Gene from web site provided this great info on figuring out your old trusty Schwinn; Schwinn Bike Dating After 1965, Schwinn serial number sequences, while appearing to beconfusing on first sight, follow several general rules.SCHWINN DATE CODES SCHWINN DATE CODES BY THE YEAR, IF THE SERIAL NUMBERS ARE FOUND ON THE LEFT REAR DROPOUT By The Schwinn Badge On The Front OF The Frame. THIS INFO WILL BE USED TO ATTEMPT TO REBUILD THE PRE-1948 SERIAL NUMBERS LIST.Includes serial numbers, owner and restoration history, and present componentry. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION Copy and print this date code info at will, it s FREE.Hi Schwinn Fans, Firstly, thanks so much for participating on the forums.We know our forum members are our most ardent fans and we have enjoyed providing a place for you to talk about and sell your Schwinns.

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